off-page SEO

Link Building That is Relevant

We are all walking on egg shells since Google released Penguin and announced a war on spammy links. Relevancy is becoming a more critical part of a successful link building strategy as time goes on. The importance of on-topic links and relevance is now increasing steadily, which forces us to evaluate our link building methods.


Link Building to rank higher!

Can I rank my website in the first page of Google without link building?

Spammy Links

Many websites are filled with irrelevant links. Although the anchor text itself is relevant to the domain’s content, it’s important to remember that the domains themselves are off topic. When it comes to link building, domain relevancy must now be prioritised. But just having a few irrelevant links won’t eventually lead to your site’s slow, painful demise. The site owners who have mostly irrelevant links could be in trouble in the future.

Relevant Links

It is time to bump up your creative link building efforts and ensure links are on topic and of a high standard. Start citing resources and letting them know you value their information, write blog articles on leaders and influencers in your field. By rethinking your strategy you could effectively build links that add value to your site.

What is link building strategies?

‘Relationship building’ is the latest buzz phrase when it comes to online marketing growth strategies with long terms strength and a positive impact on branding. It also means you're not working in an entirely independent space for building your brand credibility. Think about it: would you rather trust a business with a site that has dozens of pages on how great it is, or the one that’s referred to positively by a handful of other authoritative names you recognise, from popular bloggers to well known industry experts? The key benefit here is not just creating links and driving traffic for SEO purposes, but building a brand and creating business in a fresh new way.