The Benefits of Google Webmaster Tools

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Google’s Webmaster Tools

The Benefits of Webmaster Tools

Google’s Webmaster Tools is a great way for SEOs to gain an understanding of their metrics and form ways to help them improve. By understanding the features available, you can ensure your website is optimized, resulting in increased traffic and higher rankings for your website.

Why Google’s Webmaster Tools?

Google’s Webmaster Tools Benefits

The following is a quick list of some of the stunning features available.

01. Links to Your Site

Gives a report showing the total amount of links to your site as well as an overview of who links the most, most linked pages and anchor text.

02. Search Keywords

Lets you know what keywords and phrases are being used by searchers to get to your website.

03. Optimisation Section

This includes a whole heap of options to choose from including ‘Remove URL’ which lets you remove pages of a site in Google’s index that is no longer online. Within the optimisation section you can also fix common problems like missing title tags and duplicate meta tags.

04. Author Stats

Author Rank is slowing becoming an important aspect in SEO so this will be a handy tool to utilise. There are many other functions that could be mentioned however the way to get the most benefit from Webmaster Tools is to explore it yourself. Have a look at how it could easily help you monitor your site on a regular basis and make improvements.

Monitoring Your Website with Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics Alerts

Monitoring your website

While it may seem pretty obvious, monitoring your website is the key to ensuring you are getting the results you are after and your tactics are working. Taking advantage of the essentials like Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics Alerts will help you keep on top of important issues.


It is surprising how many website owners fail to set up these accounts for themselves. By monitoring your website via Webmaster Tools you can recognise and address all of those potential problems that could possibly lead to penalties further down the track.


Google Analytics makes recognising problems even easier as they can notify you of any changes such as a decrease in traffic. It is also a great way to have a look at your bounce rate and organic traffic fluctuations, this is important as even the smallest drops can indicate an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.


Using both Webmaster Tools and Google analytics is a great way to see your websites progress and address problems while they are still small. The more you are informed and organised, the higher your chance of success.

Benefits of Webmaster Tools

Improved Website Performance

Webmaster tools can help website owners identify and fix technical issues that affect website performance. These issues can include broken links, slow-loading pages, server errors, and crawl errors. By addressing these issues, website owners can improve website performance and ensure that their website is running smoothly.

Enhanced SEO

Webmaster tools provide website owners with valuable insights into how their website is performing in search engine rankings. They can help website owners identify and fix crawl errors, optimize website content and structure, and track search engine rankings. This can help website owners increase their website’s visibility and improve their search engine rankings.

Better User Experience

Webmaster tools can help website owners improve the user experience of their website. By identifying and fixing broken links, improving website accessibility, and enhancing website speed, website owners can create a better user experience for their visitors. This can help to increase engagement and reduce bounce rates.

Improved Security

Webmaster tools can help website owners identify and fix security vulnerabilities on their website. They can monitor for malware and hacking attempts, which can help website owners prevent security breaches and protect their website from potential damage.



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