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Landing Page Content

Meaningful landing page content has a direct impact on increasing conversions and generating sales leads.

Landing pages are critical in influencing the behaviour of internet browsers who land on a site–the right content will capture and compel visitors; the wrong type means people will click off without a second glance. Power Content formulates inspiring landing page copy that motivates people to answer answer calls to action, increases conversions and grows loyalty.

Blogs And Articles

Blogs and articles are winners when it comes to improving organic search results online and increasing the amount of qualified traffic to your site.

Our experienced, e-commerce-savvy team can put together an endless supply of original, engaging blog posts, articles and other snippets of copy to turn an online retail site into a ‘story tailing’ destination, drawing larger audiences with compelling stories, imagery and video. Increasingly, retailers need to become publishers in order to stay competitive, and we can provide both content strategy and execution.