Link Management

Link Management

What Is Link Management

Basically a link network is a bunch of sites that are connected and may be owned by one person or many. In order to use this link network you contact a person, let them know what keywords you would like to rank for and Eureka! Next thing you know you have hundreds of links all pointing to your site. This seems fantastic in the beginning as you have a whole heap of links in such a small amount of time but is it really worth it?
Link Network SEO

Is Link Management SEO Worth My Business?

It’s no secret that links are an essential ingredient to use to get a website that ranks well. It is because of this that many of us resort to quick fixes and short cuts that, while they may be great in the short term, can negatively affect your website overall. One of these shortcuts is the use of a link network. Link networks are known by many names such as blog or article networks with their degree of danger dependent on whom you ask.

It’s important to realise that Google is not a fan of ‘unnatural’ links and these can certainly fall under that category. Although having only a few links coming from a link network may not pose a threat at all, this would not be the case if you were totally dependent on these types of links, especially if the network is penalised. It is worth thinking about the entire picture and weighing up the pros and cons before taking the link network shortcut.